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    Carrying on 100 years of commitment and dedication as we strive to accomplish even greater things over the next 100 years

    Maruishi Chemical Trading Company Ltd. marked the 100th anniversary of its founding in July 2018. Over the course of that century, the company has grappled with numerous challenges, from war and devastating natural disasters to financial panics, economic crises, and social instability. I am deeply moved that the company has been able to overcome those difficulties and continue to operate, and I would like to respectfully express our gratitude for both our founders and other predecessors and the many business partners, shareholders, and other stakeholders that have supported the company over the years.

    In the chemical industry, the technological advantages of products are increasingly insufficient guarantors of competitiveness due to fluctuations in the prices of resources, the advent of new resources, and the rapid acquisition of technological capabilities by companies in emerging markets. In response to these challenges, Japanese companies are being called upon to pursue strategies to boost added value in their business domains and to implement structural reforms.

    Going forward, Maruishi will work to overcome these challenges first by strengthening its existing businesses, developing new high-added-value products, and leveraging those efforts to establish points of contact with new markets.

    Next, we will look to accelerate the development of our businesses overseas, with a focus on Asia, and to take advantage of our overseas experience to invest in preparing employees to excel in the global arena.

    We will also take steps to put in place an environment that makes it easier for employees to do their jobs as part of our belief that healthy employees are best able to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the company.

    To accomplish these goals, we undertook a large-scale internal reorganization as the first step on a journey to embrace the new challenges of the coming 100 years.

    In an unpredictable era where global change is the only constant, drawing on the experience of past successes while repeating the same tactics and conduct offers no guarantee of future success. Instead, we will work to expand our business domains and strengthen our ability to serve global markets by increasing the value of management resources such as our workforce and financial assets and strengthening our relationships with business partners even as we continue to cultivate the long-running commitment and dedication that are built into our very DNA. In this way, we will be able to empower individual employees to think for themselves and act autonomously while fostering the company’s organizational ability to repeatedly embrace daily challenges as we strive to expand into new domains. I look forward to your continued understanding and support as we undertake these tasks.

    President: Hiromu FUJISONO

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