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  • Basic Policy of Responsible Care

    What’s Responsible Care?

    Responsible Care
    Responsible Care
    Responsible Care (RC) activities refer to voluntary initiatives undertaken by business operators with taking measures to improve “chemical products safety,” “environmental conservation,” “safety and disaster prevention,” and “occupational safety and health” throughout the life cycle of chemical products, from purchase to manufacture, distribution, sales, and disposal.
    * “Chemical products safety” refers to domestic and foreign laws and knowledge about environmental conservation and occupational safety and health related to products purchased and sold.

    Compliance with laws and regulations

    In domestic and overseas transactions, we comply with the regulations of each country related to chemical products safety, environmental conservation, safety and disaster prevention, and occupational safety and health and obtain and provide appropriate information.

    Promotion system

    1. Establishment of Responsible Care Committee

    We have established the Responsible Care Committee to comprehensively promote our RC activities from a long-term perspective.

    • The committee is composed of the president of our company as the chairperson, persons appointed by an executive director or a general manager of the sales department as vice chairpersons, and all executive officers as members.
    • The Responsible Care Committee is convened as needed.


    2. Responsibilities

    The Responsible Care Committee works to improve chemical products safety, environmental conservation, security and disaster prevention, and occupational safety and health, as well as plans activities on RC and educates employees of our company and affiliates on it.

    • Relevant departments in the company promote RC Care smoothly.
      If there is any doubt about the handling of RC, we must contact the committee asking for an appropriate action.

    Basic policy on ISO

    ISO certification acquired

    ISO 14001
    Environmental Management System (EMS) certification acquired

    ISO certification acquired
    industrial chemicals, synthetic resin
    synthetic rubbers, rubber chemicals
    Selling of paint (including devices for painting)
    We have obtained the certification of Environmental Management System (EMS) on March 6, 2009.
    Our Mission : To make the lives of people worldwide safer, more comfortable, and more convenient, with chemicals.

    What’s ISO14001?
    ISO 14001 is an international standard of Environmental Management System issued by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with the aim of minimizing environmental impacts of organizational activities.
    At a time when environmental conservation is seriously required on a global scale, this is one of the internationally acclaimed standards.
    Organizations such as companies and groups that have built an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 can obtain ISO certification by being certified by a certification authority.

    Environmental Policy

    Basic Philosophy

    As a specialized chemical trading company, we recognize the importance of environmental issues. We are pursuing business activities that respect the global environment, protecting it for posterity and thereby making our social contribution.

    Basic Policy

    1. We construct and maintain an environment management system to realize continuous activities and improvements so as to protect the environment.
    2. We observe applicable laws, regulations and ordinances, as well as other requirements and industrial rules concerning the environmental aspect of our business activities in conducting our environmental activities.
    3. We actively participate in environmental protection through resource and energy conservation, environmental contamination control and so on, in our sales of chemicals, paints and related materials, devices and equipment and other related business activities.
    4. We establish environmental objectives and goals and regularly confirm and review the status of their achievement so as to conform to the Environmental Policy.
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