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    The health of employees comes first for the prosperity of our company.

    At a time when long working hours and service overtime work have recently become a social problem, workers’ working environments are attracting public attention. In this circumstances, a number of companies are promoting improvement in working styles. Maruishi Chemical Trading is also in the phase of fundamentally reexamining the working environment and the health of its employees to keep thriving and growing.

    Aiming to be a Certified Health & Productivity Management organization

    The Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program is a system that honors outstanding companies or organizations that practice health and productivity management.
    With the aim to be certified as a Health and Productivity Management company, we will proactively implement various measures, giving primary consideration to maintaining and promoting employees’ health, such as a 100% health checkup receipt rate.

    Health management

    Statement on Health

    Maruishi Chemical Co., Ltd. declares that it works on health management for the health promotion of employees.

    1. We receive a health checkup every time.
    2. We utilize the result of checkup.
    3. We create an environment for health promotion.
    4. We work on “exercise.
    5. We work on no smoking.
    6. We work on “mental health.
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