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  • What is personal information?

    Personal information refers to information based on which individual persons can be identified such as names, addresses, telephone number, and e-mail addresses that we receive from our customers via the website we operate and administer.

    Purposes of use of personal information

    When collecting personal information, we notify our customers of, or publicly announce, the purpose(s) of use of desired information in a legal and appropriate manner. We use personal information thus collected exclusively for the purpose(s) notified or publicly announced, except when we have received the concerned customers’ consent to other uses or when we are required to use it otherwise by law.

    Management of personal information

    We strive to maintain and constantly improve our security standards to ensure safe management of customer personal information.
    Personal information we receive from our customers is put under strict control, and is never provided to any third party, except in the following cases:

    1. When we have received the concerned customer’s consent;
    2. When we outsource website-related or other operations involving the use or management of customer personal information to an external company; in this case, we conduct strict supervision and control of the external company’s handling of customer personal information;
    3. When our handling of customer inquiries or customer requests for certain services requires the provision of customer personal information to a third party; in this case, customer personal information is used strictly within the necessary range, and the use of customer personal information in this manner is notified on the website to obtain concerned customers’ consent; and
    4. In emergency: when we are required to provide customer personal information without concerned customers’ consent, in order to protect human lives, human rights, properties, public order and safety, etc; to cooperate with judicial, public order or other authorities in compliance with law; or to comply with laws and regulations.
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